Grandpa's Memories
Bob Upchurch

He could spin a yarn with the best of 'em.
Said a stranger was a friend he hadn't met.
We'd sit on the porch; he talk for hours,
About life and loves and hard to forgets.

My Grandpa was a special man.
Lived his whole life on the same piece of ground.
Came back from the war in forty-five;
Married my Grandma and settled down.

He'd pull his knife across the stone;
At the thought of the past, he'd stop.
He'd look away as if in another time,
And use his old boot as the strop.

He'd say, "I've known some folk in my lifetime,
Some now passed and some grown old.
Their memories stay fresh as today in my mind,
It's only fittin' their story be told.'

'Now you take old Bill; we go back aways.
Served in the infantry in forty-three.
He's the reason I sit here today.
Bill took a bullet that was meant for me.'

'Now when your Daddy was born in sixty-five,
You're Grandma was forty years old.
She'd birthed three girls, but that little boy . . .
Caused her pain and sufferin' untold.'

'You know old Jed from down at the mill.
I remember the day he became boss.
Jed let me work extra hours each week,
To pay what the hospital cost.'

'Your Grandma, son, was the love of my life.
My soul mate for some fifty years.
The Lord called her home before you was born;
Her memory still brings me to tears.'

'And now you, Grandson, sittin' here today;
Somehow my life seems complete.
Thanks for listenin' all through the years . . .
Just pay it forward . . . and don't forget me."

A short time later, the Lord called him home.
He'd lived a full life with no regrets.
I'm blessed that he shared his stories with me.
Blessed to have a Grandpa that's hard to forget.


Bob Upchurch

Lord, your grace is sufficient.
That's what I heard the old preacher say.
But that old preacher never walked in my boots,
Or knew the troubles that made up my day.

As I look back now over all my years,
For the most part I'm somewhat ashamed.
But I guess if I had it to do over again,
Things would probably turn out the same.

The world always had a stronger draw;
Always willing to play the devil's hand.
The good verses bad, the right verses wrong,
Seemed to bring out the weakness in a man.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind but now I see."

Naw, that old preacher didn't know me a'tall.
But then . . . he was only plantin' a seed.
The One that really knew me was a much higher power,
Who gave His Son for my sinful deeds.

My whiskers are whiter now with less days ahead.
It's time this old cowboy made amends.
Cowing down like a pup to its master,
Humility is where that grace begins.

So . . . if the world's got your belly tied up in knots,
And you're walkin' that pathway of sin.
Remember that grace, that unconditional love,
That gives peace and contentment within.

"When we've been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise,
Than when we first begun."